Passing cloud
Oil, 38x76cm
At the edge of the field
Oil, 51x38cm
A walk in the wilderness
Oil, 38x76cm
Blue sky and clouds
Oil, 38x76cm
Red sky, green hill
Oil, 38x76cm
Autumn storm
Oil, 76x91cm
Extinction II
Oil, 38x76cm
House by the sea
Oil, 38x51cm
At the harbour
Oil, 61x76cm
Going up the hill in summer, 61x76cm
Mediterranean landscape, oil 38x36cm
'The yellow house', oil, 51x76cm,  by Dafila Scott
Scarecrow, oil, 51x38cm
Yellow tree, oil, 38x51cm
The desert beyond, oil, 34x51cm
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Extinction II

Oil, 38x76cm