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After training and working as a zoologist, Dafila Scott turned to drawing and painting, studying under Robin Child at Lydgate Art Research Centre. Much of her work is inspired by wildlife and landscape and features animals or places with which she has become familiar. More recently, she has concentrated on abstract landscape in which  she tries to find an essence of place which will bring together memories of past experiences with recent ones.  



In 2017 she won the RSPB Award at the Society at the Society of Wildlife Artists annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries.  Her work often arises from regular visits to Wales and to the Kalahari. However, she is equally happy to gain inspiration at home in the garden or on the surrounding fenland.

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"Although much of my recent work is abstract or semi-abstract, it usually begins with a drawing from life. Something in nature takes my eye and I make a drawing which may be quite detailed, or may just be a quick note. In the studio, working from these drawings, a painting will then take on a life of its own."

- Dafila Scott

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