Cranes on the washes, late summer
Mixed media, 51x76cm
Red hartebeest running
Pastel, 38x76cm
Curlew calling, Orkney
Pastel, 38x76cm
Cranes on stubble
Mixed media, 76x51cm
Gemsbok in the Kalahari, evening light
Pastel 51x76cm
Brents and rook, Norfolk
Pastel 38x51cm
Little egrets hunting in a drying wetland
Pastel, 38x51cm
Swifts, north Pembrokeshire
Acrylic, 61x76cm
Muntjac and rabbits
Acrylic, 38x51cm
Barnacle geese at dusk
Pastel 38x51
Blue wildebeest, Pastel 38x51cm
Marbled White Butterfly
Pastel 25x19cm
Short-eared owl over the fen
Pastel, 38x51cm
A single lapwing flew by
Acrylic, 38x76cm
Wild turkeys displaying, California
Oil, 51x76cm
Fossa in the stripy, patchy shade of the dry forest,  western Madagascar
Pastel 38x25cm
Eland in the dry Kalahari
Pastel, 38x76cm
Eland group, bull eating from small bush
Pastel 38x51cm
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Blue wildebeest, Pastel 38x51cm